What kinds of Email Apps can I create?

There are a few types of Email Apps you can create for your community.

The type depends on the kind of content you wish to enable users to share:


  • Site / Blog / News Email App
    • Shows the latest Blog post, news, listing or update
    • Updates by an RSS feed of your site / service.
    • Ideal for – Blogs, News sites, Article sites etc.
  • Per user Email App
    • Shows the recent activity of a user on your site
    • User inputs his Username and relevant feed is brought accordingly
    • Ideal for – Social services with users, E-commerce sites with sellers
  • Charity / Non profit  Coming soon!
    • A banner your supporters share in their email to raise support
    • Include Info, Donate, Share on Twitter, Share on Facebook calls to action
    • Ideal for – Charities, NGOs, Non profits and Causes
  • Buttons  Coming soon!
    • A button / badge that leads to a specific page
    • Ideal for – Personal profiles, iPhone/Android App developers

It is very simple to create and distribute Email Apps. No technical or coding knowledge is required. And it’s absolutely free – Create an Email App now!

Create your Email App in 3 simple steps :

Step 1 – Create your Email App:

Step 2 – Design your Download page:

Step 3 –  Publish & Promote your Email App.

That’s it!


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