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What are Email Apps?

Email Apps are functional elements users can easily add to their emails. With WiseStamp you can easily transform your Site, Blog or Social network into an effective Email App that users can include and promote in their emails. Innovate email now!

Benefits for the Publisher

Publishers creating an Email App enable their community of users to easily promote their content in one of the biggest online markets- Email! Boost traffic. Engage users. Go viral!

Creating an Email App

It's very simple. Design, setup and distribute your Email App in 3 easy steps. No need for any technical knowledge or coding skills. Once you are done you can share your Branded Email App with your users as well as publish it on our platform.
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[we] look forward to helping StumbleUpon users easily share their web discoveries with even more people
  VP Marketing StumbleUpon
a convenient single-click solution to sharing CEO Marc Gingras, chief executive officer and founder of Tungle Corp.
Excited to partner and offer our users the ability to enrich their email correspondence
  CEO QuotesDaddy Eyal Yaakov, CEO and Founder, QuotesDaddy
Our staff, users, and supporters all love WiseStamp!
  Director of User experience, GlobalGiving Kevin Conroy, Director of User Experience and Product Development